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Be Nspired Ink began in the latter part of 2008.  It produces art in the form of books, short stories, poems, blogs, and music.  It showcases work that is written to inspire, motivate, innovate, encourage, and steer the spirit of humanity to the quality of life.  Its work is the result of creativity initiated in the cranium and brought forth in print and audio.

It is our sincere hope that our efforts will give all who indulges in our artwork a needed boost, a pat on the shoulder, or support a dream.  Please take this moment to treat yourself to one or more of all Be Nspired Ink has to offer you.  I’m sure you will agree that when you do read or listen, you will be inspired by our ink.

Books/Written Material:

Can You Eat Lipstick?

Can You Eat Baby Food?

Can You Eat Worms?

My Acronym Page(MAP)

From Poverty to Power

My Evolution

When Eve Is Forced To Lead

Mission: From Mississippi to Michigan

The Preacher’s Daughter (I Won’t Complain)

Veronica’s Chronicles

I Wanna Hold Your Hand